Nathan Vergunst-KolozsvariNathan Vergunst-Kolozsvari

About me: 

I am Nathan, twin brother and colleague of Your Source's founder Philip. Since July 2010 I have been working for Your Source, before that I mostly worked with languages. All the experience I had with programming had come mainly from learning programming languages in my free time. Programming has been a hobby for a long time, it started at university when I wrote my first HTML. Besides that I really like learning in general and especially (programming and human) languages, travelling, running and I have a thing for comedies and stand up comedian acts. My wife is Hungarian, which explains my second last name, which is easier for people to pronounce here. We live in Budapest and when we get the chance, we travel to the Netherlands to visit my relatives and friends, or elsewhere to have a holiday.

What I'm good at: 

Language is a central part of my life, which means I use three languages on a daily basis: Dutch, Hungarian and English. Besides that I am quite versatile, so there are many things I am good at at a certain degree, for example cooking, playing the guitar, gaming, translating and interpreting and last but not least programming. I can also get along with people well and I am flexible.

What I do: 

My main job is creating Drupal websites, which means I do a lot with the Drupal interface, as well as theming and some custom functionality as well. Besides this I sometimes translate and on occasions I still do some interpreting as well.

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